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Midway through the last school year, we began a restructuring process of the way that we look at field support, while taking into consideration individual team members strengths and their own professional goals.

Instead of having a Field Director needing to have competency in English, IT and Libraries at each location, we have identified which Field Directors have the highest level of competency (and enjoy) those different initiatives, and made them directors of those programs across all locations.

When this happens, the Field Director role that remains is largely administrative, as well as managing human resources, site inspections to ensure facility maintenance and improvement, and overseeing more minor initiatives that don’t require such a high level of competency (for example, chess, ukulele and food projects).

Therefore as we embark on this new school year, we can unveil our full reshuffle, with each team member now well underway in their roles, ready to better serve our students with their specific skills:

Theada – previously Field Director at KVLC – becomes Library Director across all locations (as well as taking on the administrative roster work and score collection for Chey and Wat Bo)

Sothy – previously Field Director at Chey – becomes Teacher Trainer & Co-ordinator, working with all PLF Teachers in the field, largely focused on but not limited to English.\

Hub – becomes Field Director at KVLC in addition to her controller duties in the Admin Team

Sotheara – has released a good number of her classes at ULC and now goes from lab to lab to give support and training to teachers in the field as well as manage repairs and updates

Ravuth – previously teacher at KVLC – returns to his homeland in Preah Vihear to work at Srayang Learning Center as teacher and field staff support

Let’s hear directly from the team about their new roles:


What I love about Library is that it is one of the top favorite action events that encourage young generations of Cambodian communities to make a habit of reading books also can help to promote literacy. We hope that can get more boys to improving educational at school with top reader award for reading book as motivation and support them to develop the life skill needed to succeed. I look forward to visit all the PLF libraries often to see what I can support librarians as needed to improving the students come to read and borrow. My goal is I want to see our libraries will build strong habit of reading the books in those communities!

PLF has trained me to be “Teacher Coordinator” to improve the professional growth and support PLF’s teachers, curriculum, and improve the programs as well as to make the positive environment for students love to learn, not force to learn. I am so excited about this new role because we can fully focus on supporting the education to the student. I meet my passion and doing from the heart. I step out of the comfort zone a bit as a field director to experience new world. The challenges are to improve the lesson plan, teacher training, and encourage students to learn. I am really impressed that PLF’s teachers now are really passionate and teaching with more empathy. They are being coach, leader, collaborator, listener, adviser, and motivators to the students rather than only teachers. So far I extremely enjoy working with other teachers such as teaching demonstrations, help out teacher’s challenges and follow-ups from the teacher exchange. As I was a field director, these issues have been addressed but really not deep enough. And so now, we have the chance to do that!

I am so glad that could join as field director at KVLC. Since I worked at KVLC project during Theada’s maternity 2 years ago and really loved it, so I am happy to go back. It’s great to work with team there again and the important thing, I can work more close to students, meet them often, see their activities and know more about study situation. It feels great I can help our teams, bring up problem and solutions when teams have struggle with their work or teaching, or help them with more training. Sometimes I am frustrated to be late collect score because government school in area alway late get result for score. And important goal for me to increase more KVLC students could graduate Grade 12 and be able to continue university with PLF. It’s my goal.

I was a kid who was born in a really poor family, I don’t know what my life would be if I don’t come to school. When I was a kid, I really wanted to work and earn some money for my family and helping the community, So I try to figure it out. Finally, I found a way – that is going to school. School is the Answer is the slogan of Ponheary Ly Foundation, and it is the word that push me through. I joined PLF in Grade 5 and now I have just finished university. The things that make me really excited to come back to my community is that I want to show people there that going to school is not wasting your time, but it helps you to be knowledgeable and see the world in the different ways. Ponheary Ly Foundation has helped me and other Cambodian kids for a long time. So now I am a part of PLF to help the young generation, and to share my knowledge back to my community.

You can meet more of our amazing team and read their stories on the People of PLF page!


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