Promoting access to quality education for children and youth across Northern Cambodia.

Our Programs

Uniforms & Supplies

Distributions at the beginning of each school year to remove one of the greatest obstacles to attending public school: students must have a uniform and their own supplies.


Awarding bicycles to all Grade 6 graduates to make the ride to the nearest secondary school possible, and to the top two students in Grades 4 and 5 as a secondary incentive.

Food & Wellness

Nutritious meals every morning before school, clean water, first aid, sanitary hygiene, and toothbrushing programs to keep students healthy and ready to learn.

Learning Centers

Students have access to libraries as well as arts & crafts, music, science, remedial Khmer, and English classes. High school students can also begin computer classes. 

Scholars Dorm

Housing for secondary and high school students from areas in the countryside where there is no access to upper level education.


Seven computer labs offering MS Office, media, robotic Legos, and computer literacy courses for teachers and students.

Enrichment Programs

Extracurricular classes for arts & crafts, science, ukulele, chess, and football offerings to provide students with the opportunity to break out from the standard of rote learning and build their academic character.

High School Scholarships

Providing students with the support needed to enroll in extra-tuition classes and pass the Grade 12 exam, a crucial step towards reaching University.

University & Vocational Training Scholarships

University tuition scholarships, living stipends, and vocational training to enable meaningful employment for students reaching the highest academic level.

Teacher Support

Providing teacher training and enabling teachers to support themselves by supplementing the low government salary with teacher stipends.


Our mentorship program is about shining a light on the path forward, fostering a culture of leadership and inclusion, building a community of positive role models, and opening eyes


These workshops are full of practical information that is not currently being provided at public school and certainly not available at home.



Bowls of Food



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“We will educate our children. We will do it one by one, step by step.”

-Ponheary Ly

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