Workshops have become a critical component of our students’ education, giving them the chance to develop essential life skills. Students learn a variety of topics from food hygiene to domestic abuse to career preparation. These workshops are full of practical information that is not currently being provided at public school and certainly not available at home. Since this type of information is not easily accessible in the areas where our students live, they are always active participants in our workshops and have really taken what they’ve learned and used it to reshape their thinking.

A small but important part of this program is providing some workshops (such as Positive Parenting and Money Management) to the parents of our students. Primarily it’s the mothers who come and there is a high degree of participation and conversations are quite robust. Most of these parents had very little schooling themselves. We are expecting a dramatic effect on the value they might begin to place on their children having a solid education. We need to build “push” at home and this has been a powerful and organic way to do that.