COVID19 Response

This page is solely for the purpose of documenting our deployment strategy during these extraordinary times, outlining our ongoing work to keep our students physically well and as engaged with learning as much as possible during school closures in Cambodia.

School is the Answer has always been our motto and it’s something we believe at our very core. But, for the moment, Food is the Answer because for a good number of our students, if there’s no food, there’s no school.

Whilst providing food parcels to more than 800 of the most vulnerable students every 10 days, we are hyper-focused on providing solutions for all our students to access some sort of classes. The vast majority are living in situations that do not allow them to participate in the education plan put forth by the government. We’re learning all kinds of new things that will serve us well into the future as we find solutions to this massive challenge. 

We are taking care of our field staff during this time, who are putting themselves out there to deliver goods and solidarity to the most forgotten part of the population. We are SO PROUD of our team

We have heard from many of you, both in words and deeds, and we feel empowered to be bold in our movements while keeping our hearts clear: acting on your behalf and doing what is ours to do.

Thank you for having our backs. Wherever you are, we hope you are well. 

To deep dive into our complete strategy go here, for real-time updates follow our Facebook and Instagram. To watch a 90 second video of our Food Drops jump over to our YouTube channel. 

Cambodia in the Time of COVID

We’ve always considered ourselves to be pretty light on our feet; flexible, ready to dodge to the left or right however necessary to meet most every challenge. Then came COVID and the wrecking of education and then of the economy.  It’s been a bit relentless.  And...

Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution

We’ve said before that every detail goes under the microscope during our food and hygiene drops, and we mean it, right down to the environmental impact we leave. You already know that each bundle also contains soap, but what many of you might not know is where that...

Food Security- 153,000 bowls a year

Food is one of the most basic needs that every human must meet. For many of the students in rural Cambodia, a country where 32% of children are malnourished, that need is instead only a daily hope: hope that the harvest will be good that year, hope that their parent...

PLF University Students Enlist in the Army of Love

PLF has always considered itself an "Army of Love" because we believe that anytime people band together around a common cause and arm themselves only with love, everything is possible. The students who have returned to their home villages are mobilizing into teams and...

University Closures and University Students

When school closures happened across Cambodia in Mid March, PLF had 50 students at University in Phnom Penh, scattered across various Universities all over the city. Because of an existing structure of having Uni Teams and contact persons in each team, it was fairly...


Greetings PLF FamilyWe thought we’d take a breath and send an update on what has been going on here in Cambodia since we last posted. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS PLF has 53 enrolled at University in Phnom Penh and another 29 in Siem Reap. Of these, 14 have decided to remain...

Covid-19 Strategy

Dear PLF Family We hope this message finds you well.  The safety of children, of communities, team members, volunteers and supporters is very important to us. While COVID19 continues to impact us all, we wanted to take a moment and share how we are facing the current...

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