Enrichment Programs

Rural primary school curricula in Cambodia are entirely focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the vast majority of these lessons are taught by rote. Through our enrichment programs we are adding creative, analytical, and exploratory elements to the classroom and providing a platform for our students to discover their talents. Offering extracurriculars also means that an education is more attractive and interesting to students who receive little encouragement from home to attend school. 


English is critical for the futures of our students. Whether they pursue vocational training or university, English provides our students with a leg up for success. In fact, our university students consistently report back that their knowledge of English is the key to thriving in the classroom. PLF provides extracurricular English classes starting in Grade 5 and continuing through university. We hire independent teachers for these classes (some of whom are PLF graduates!) and support them with training to create a classroom environment where students can learn through practical application of the language.


The PLF supports libraries at each of our schools stocked with plenty of Khmer books as well as some Khmer to English books so that students can practice their reading in both languages. PLF buys all of the books and pays a librarian as well as provides games such as chess, legos, and puzzles so that students can engage their minds with not only books but stimulating games. Libraries also provide the youngest students a place to grow their interest in learning.


We launched our first science program at Knar School for students studying in Grade 6 in 2015. Our curriculum mirrors the government curriculum to expand topics in biomes, physical science, and human anatomy and includes a host of interactive experiments. Students are now watching videos of caribou migration and narwhal feeding habits, discussing how the price of durian is influenced by the rare fruit bat that pollenates its flowers, building balloon rockets and sound wave machines, and creating and presenting their own physical science posters to the class, and the way the world works is unfolding in front of their eyes.


We are currently offering Ukulele classes for students at Tchey school. Our students are learning Khmer traditional and western songs, exploring their talents and finding their musical groove. This program brings another important creative element into our students’ education and allows them to share their music with the community by performing at PLF events.

Arts & Crafts

In light of new data supporting the connection between early childhood development and entrepreneurial capacity later in life, we have become more focused on the addition of creative activities to the enrichment program. We keep simple art supplies like paper, crayons, colored pencils, paint and paintbrushes and various other craft supplies accessible to  students who want a change from their rote learning and want to stimulate their minds in a more creative way.


Chess club has been enthusiastically taken up by students of all ages. They eagerly play during free hours, challenging their friends and practicing at every opportunity. Playing and learning chess offers students a chance to improve their memory, reasoning, creative and logical thinking, as well as decision making. In addition to hosting chess club as an extracurricular class, we also put on tournaments with clubs from other schools in the area to hold a bit of friendly competition.