Where We Work


We support over 2800 students across four pathways in the marginalized communities of Cambodia’s two poorest provinces, Preah Vihear and Siem Reap.

Map of PLF 2021

Our early work began from within the public schools, and while we still follow that model in most of the primary locations, as students graduated Grade 6 and needed support accessing high school, our strategy evolved accordingly. This has led to the creation of our own Learning Centers, which offer extra classes and activities that complement and augment the national curriculum while freeing us up from some of the constraints of operating from within government schools. 

While all the communities where we work grapple with poverty, different pathways have very varied levels of public school effectiveness producing additional, diverse challenges for students. Therefore each pathway has a carefully curated ‘menu’ of programs that can be scaled up, scaled down, and adjusted as needed over time. 

All pathways have the same ultimate goal of ensuring students access to opportunities that they otherwise would not encounter. Once a student enters a PLF Pathway, we accompany them every step of the way as far as that student will go, until the realisation of their individual potential – whether that be meaningful and dignified employment, vocational training or a university scholarship.

Locations – Preah Vihear Province