Please Note: our Volunteer opportunities are closed indefinitely. Exceptions might be made for returning volunteers; please be in touch if this is you, on [email protected] 

For other ways to take part in our work, please check out Ways to Get Involved

Volunteering Philosophy

Our Volunteer program is guided by the following core understandings and objectives:

Fostering opportunities for impactful and sustainable volunteer practices that are mutually beneficial to volunteers and to our team, students, and teachers

Striving to educate others on the detriments of voluntourism, encouraging critical thought about the value of volunteering, and promoting dignity.

Putting our students’ interests first by upholding child safe volunteering practices at all times

Adaptability. Cambodia carries with it a degree of unpredictability but also tremendous possibility – flexibility and a readiness to “jump right in” are a must!

For a full overview of our program details, please read our Volunteer Orientation Guide.