Technology opens so many doors for students in Cambodia. Not only does the job market increasingly demand computer skills in a country where the majority of students haven’t touched a computer before they graduate high school, but, more than that, technology opens the world of information for our students.

Understanding not just how to use technology but how to leverage it to continually access new information and gain new skills leads our students to an entirely different future. STEM education encourages our students from primary school onward to always be asking “how” and “why”; that pattern of thinking gives our students a true competitive edge coming out of an education system built largely by rote learning.

That’s why our technology program teaches critical thinking and creates spaces for self-directed learning.

Students who engage in PLF technology classes are learning the curriculum at their own pace, with teachers on hand to help the students when they are stuck.

PLF’s first computer lab was installed at Tchey Primary School in 2009, and we now support 4 labs (3 of which are solar-powered!). All of our secondary school students have the opportunity to enroll and learn critical technology skills before their high school graduation. Whether a student chooses to enter the workforce or to continue on to university, these computer skills are vital for their success.

PLF is also using technology to introduce younger children to their STEM aptitude through our LEGO Robotics class and by introducing e-readers into the libraries. We know our technology program is working because 70% of our university scholarship students choose to study in STEM subjects!