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Theada – Library Director

“I have been with PLF since 2016. At first I worked part-time for data entry of student scores, and I got a PLF scholarship to get my BA. Then after university I was full time as Field Director for Knar Village Learning Center and I also managed the urban and rural food banks. Working as Field Director has many different parts – coordinate with government teachers, manage enroll student list as well as oversee library, art & craft and ukulele program. I liked working with the teachers and supporting them.

Now with the new staff shuffle my role has changed to be Library Director in all PLF locations, and I am really happy about that! What I love especially about our Library program is that it is one of the top favorite action events that encourage young Cambodians to make a habit of reading books. We hope we can get more boys to improve performance in class with Top Reader awards, which motivate and support them to develop the life skills needed to succeed. Our reading events also encourage families to join and promote literacy. 

Theada tests out a new library tool – a reading-out-loud phone that enables students to hear their own voices more clearly


When I was a student, I had to move away from my family and got a scholarship to stay in a dorm at the high school in Siem Reap so I could complete Grade 10 to 12. For me education means knowledge, and skills which help achieve our goals. I love working at PLF because we support poor students to go to school. And I love working with the team because we always help and support each other, especially in our teacher exchanges. We always share and have fun together and learn something new. 

I am really looking forward to spend more time in all our libraries to see what I can support libraries as needed to improve the students coming to read and borrow. My goal is to see our libraries build a strong habit of reading for our students and their communities!”


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