The People of PLF

Allow us to introduce the many treasured humans across our projects – whose work, contributions and spirit help make PLF what it is today!

Many of these amazing individuals came in at the very early days of our organization and have evolved and grown along with us, making hugely significant contributions to our development along the way.

Many of them are also former PLF students who understand all too well the challenges that disadvantaged youth face. As they overcame those difficulties, they in turn helped inform and mould our work, and are now excellent role models for the younger generations coming up behind them.

We owe a debt of gratitude to each and every person on this page. Quite simply we could not to what we do without them!

Sieng Ry

SLC Cook, Property Guardian & former House-mother at Srayang Dorm


Director of English at KVLC


Teacher Co-ordinator & Trainer


Library Director


English Teacher & Librarian at KVLC


Computer Teacher at SLC


Purchasing Controller, Food Projects Co-ordinator & Student Counsellor



Srey Leak

English Teacher at Chey


Teacher & Field Support Staff at SLC