PLF High School students at enrolment day

Since 2016, we have been awarding Grade 12 scholarships to the top tier of high school students who show the most potential as university candidates. Gaining access to university is near impossible for the vast majority of rural students, and we support those who can demonstrate that they have what it takes, with resources and extra classes throughout this crucial and final year of high school.

PLF high school students, enrolment day 2018

Student enrolment in 2018

In a ‘normal’ year, we would award around 40 of these scholarships, based on assessments of students’ ability, as well as meetings with parents and an interview process to secure the candidate’s place. 

Since ‘normal’ seems to be a thing of the past, this year we are enrolling a bumper intake of 66!

That’s ALL the students currently entering Grade 12 who applied.

Because these students have not been in a classroom for any significant length of time in the last two years, we have not been able to adequately assess them as before. It’s therefore impossible for us to know who are the most deserving of this opportunity.

But what we DO know is, whether they have their eye on university or not, ALL these students have suffered from the same constant and unfair interruptions to their studies, and are calling for the support of extra classes in order to graduate high school at all.

So how could we say yes to some and not to all?

We simply could not. 

Upon hearing and understanding their plea, a single donor from the UK agreed with us, and pledged to fund them ALL – meaning that we are able to award a scholarship to every. single. one. 

PLF high school students receiving school supplies, 2022

Supplies distribution, 2022

It is unprecedented that we would do this, just blindly award them all without the usual criteria in place. But unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures! 

To be clear, there is a risk that not all will successfully graduate, and we already see that some are on borderline scores. Given everything that has happened in the last two years, this doesn’t mean that they can’t rise – but we enter expecting more losses than we usually see.

Grade 12 scholarship student demographic breakdown for 2022

We wish the best of luck to these 66 students! We’ll be keenly watching their progress and will report back to tell you how the riskiest cohort in PLF history did. 

And we want to express immense gratitude to our donor who made this possible – we salute your willingness to see beyond the risks and bring every single one of these students to the table.

Smiling PLF high school student, 2022

Want to walk alongside our students in their journeys but not sure how? Here are some of the really useful ways you can support our mission!

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For as little as $10 a month, you could contribute to the ongoing education of our students. $120 goes a long way in Cambodia: that’s 5 village children on the road to education, with access to school and clean drinking water for half a year. Or a million other things, all of which coalesce into the tools needed for life to change for the better!

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