PLF’s technology program is geared toward teaching critical thinking skills and creating spaces for self-directed learning, something sorely missing from typical Cambodian classroom teaching, which is done largely by rote. A critical component of our technology program is LEGO robotics, which provides Grade 5 & 6 students the chance to learn the basics of engineering while playing with LEGO blocks that come to life through the use of a computer.  Not only do they have fun, exercise creativity and build things, they are also engaging in problem-solving, self-planning and critical thinking.

Chhean Soveth, our LEGO robotics teacher, describes the benefit of the program for his students: “The students want to show their brain or creativity to build something. They learn how to connect, construct, contemplate and continue building better. I hope that in Cambodia, the development will happen more by the children who have very good ideas about new technology.”

In 2018, 68% of the university scholarships PLF awarded are in the STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). This is not a coincidence but a result of programs like LEGO robotics that engage students early on with both sides of thinking, not only the creative and imaginative but also the analytical and logical.


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