Every child must have access to education. Education brings children to find the best road and to keep off bad roads. A large number of children go to school, but a small number of children do not go.


Factors which make children not attend school are family’s financial issues which lead to class issues, which makes kids feel bad and sad. This may force kids into using drugs and quit school or do illegal things.

Some youth can’t go to school because their family can’t support them financially. Some students need to drop out from school to work to earn some money such as working in town or farming because of these problems. Children who become uneducated  cannot help themselves, families and society. In addition, some bad people may easily force kids for their own benefits. A government should take action to solve this problem.


Overall, children are the future for their families and?? the whole society. If children do not attend school it will bring several consequences to society. So all children in Cambodia and in other countries must attend school for their future and the whole society.