By Lori Carlson

Another year has come to a close and with it come the joys of IRS reporting. The best part of all these spreadsheets is the rare opportunity to let these numbers tell me stories about how we’ve grown, or not,  think about whether or not that growth has been in the right directions,  see where we’ve made mistakes and how they’ve been corrected. Or not.

It’s not that often I can stand 100 feet up over PLF, switch lenses and see the project as something totally binary. It’s revealing in ways great and small and I thought I’d share the things I noticed with the people whose money makes all this possible.

Get something to drink, get comfortable, click the graph.

2007-2015 Programs

Anyone who would like to receive a copy of this year’s IRS Form 990, please email [email protected] after May 15, 2015.