By Sosil

I was really delighted and interested in my trip to Preah Vihear. First of all, I had a lot of fun during the time I was on my bus. All the buses left Siem Reap province at 6:00am.

When we were on the buses, people sat on their seats. After the buses started to leave the place where they had waited for students to get on, people started to make some fun. They sang songs, talked with their friends, and discussed about things that they might get to see on the top of the mountain where Preah Vihear is located. People left their seats to sing karaoke.  Then the driver played some romantic songs, comedy videos, and made me feel happy. Afterward, people went back to their places on the bus.

I could see beautiful views of nature from the bus. At the time I was on the bus to the border between Cambodia and Thailand the nature along both sides of the road was very interesting. I was able to see fields even though my transportation drove very fast. There were many cows in fields and various sorts of trees. I went to Preah Vihear on the road which is called High Way road. At the east side of the road I saw the sun just rising hand it was shining fully by the time I reached the place where it was the best to watch sunshine from the bus. The colour of the sunlight was very pretty. After a while, I knew about the lifestyle of people in the countryside and people who live in the city.  The gap between the poor and the rich is very wide. People who live in the countryside do not use electricity. They farm and grow rice, crops, and some vegetation to use for their families. Even though they don’t have electricity to use, they still live in a comfortable way.

I learnt a little about the story of Preah Vihear temple. There were five teachers and four hundred students went to visited temple. One of the five teachers was a historical teacher and has been teaching at USEA University, and used to teach most of the tour guides in Cambodia. He told the students the reason why the temple was built. After listening to what the teacher said I was able to understanding Thai and Cambodian geography.

There was lovely fresh air up at the top of the mountain and the environment was good as well. I wanted to stay there more than one night, but the school trip had to come back to Siem Reap. I felt regret that my school trip was so short.  As you can see, my trip to Preah Vihear was really interesting to me. It was not too long however and I felt surprised that there was a lot of things that I had learnt, and new things that I have never done.