By Ratha

Each family in society has cooking methods that differ from each other.  Each family has a different type of food that they like and that tastes different from each other. Moreover, the way things are cook are not the same. In my family my favourite food they like to eat, is boiled winter melon. 

This is how boiled winter melon is  made:

It contains ingredients such as melon, fish, salt, sugar, fish sauce and pepper seasoning. You have to first remove the scales from the fish and cut the fish into pieces. Wash the fish in water until it is clean.  With the melon, shell out the flesh with a hand wheel and cut into a lot of very small squares.  Then we boil some water and put the melon and our fish and then put the salt, seasoning, sugar, fish sauce in with the fish and melon but don’t put too much salt or it not taste good.

Then we just taste it according to our own preferences and we then put in pepper post cooking because if we put pepper seasoning with salt, sugar, we can not taste that it has no taste.

The recipes we can take to do our business for raising living standards today. Furthermore, not only cooked winter melon as a food recipe is the most famous of Khmer dishes.  Fish Amok is the most famous and it is delicious, everyone likes to eat.

I hope that the Khmer people can help to promote the Khmer dishes because each Khmer cuisine is deliciously lovely to eat!