By Soun Sothy

My last post was in April this year. I stopped writing  my blog post for a few months because I became very busy with studying and teaching. I am attending an English class which is preparing me for university in January. It is much harder than it was at High School…

Photo Credit: Pech Sopha

I have a lot of homework and more research, and they except us to participate in many class activities. I take two classes: Communication Skill and Vocabulary. All of these things together keep me very busy.

In December 2011, I made a video called Future Dreams and it showed about what I want for the future which is to become a computer teacher. However, now I teach English to grades five and six because the course that I am going to take at the university is English literature. I still want to be a computer teacher as well as teach English. It is my dream that I can teach both English and technology by using many aspects of technology. I would like all of my students to be able to connect to the world by using the Internet, but unfortunately right now, we do not have the equipment needed for me to achieve these dreams. Hopefully, one day, all of these will become true.

Photo Credit: Pech Sopha

My hope is that all students can see how the world develops, be able to connect to the native English speakers, so as to not just learn from the books. This will help them to be able to learn more quickly too.

I have all these hopes for the future, but I do not know what is going to happen or how change will occur. That all these things will appear in my class at sometime, and all the classes at Tchey where I teach, is my hope. So I will show my students the technologies as much as I can as it changes.

At the moment Media I and Media III students, who come to Tchey from their High School every afternoon, as well as some Primary School students at Tchey have an opportunity to learn about the technology, but my future dream is that every child learns about technology. and that English and computers can work together. It is important for Cambodian students to learn both English and technology so as to not only improve their own future but for Cambodia future as well. Change will come with education.

Sothy is a graduate of Pouck High School in Siem Reap Province and a Tchey School alumni. He is currently a student will enjoy  at Pannasas Tra University and teaches English to 5th and 6th students at Tchey School. He continues to study technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to Australia to see the opera house.