Hello, and welcome to our Student Blog! It is really fantastic for us to make this blog because we can now show people around the world like you about our lives at school and in our villages.

In 2008, The Ponheary Ly Foundation brought us computers in Chey Primary School. They were One Laptop Per Child (XO) computers that had software Write, e-toys, Paint and Scratch. I started studying computers in 2009. I was very glad when I could study computer. At first, we have only 16 XO, but from year to year we have more and more computers. In 2010 the PLF brought 13 desktop computers and 20 more XO laptops. I am really enjoy computer XO and desktop. It has given me a lot of knowledge about Microsoft Office that I never knew before. I love Microsoft Office.

In December 2011 we have started to make a project video that taught by Diana the Traveling Teacher. She came and taught us how to make a video and use camera, and to study about of to the brainstorm ideas for our projects. It was the first time for us and very difficult to make a video. Even though it was new and difficult for us, I wanted to try to do it because I have seen Toy Story and Titanic and I wanted to know how to make movies too. The hardest part for us to learn was how to brainstorm ideas for the videos and how to make storyboards before we start to take the video. We had to think a lot about what our video would look like. My team and I decided to make a video about My Future Dreams and how much I love computers. We made this project by Camera, Ipad, and use Imovie. We have only one week to make a video, it is a short time for us.

Watching our videos on YouTube

We were really proud when we finished our project and put it onto Youtube. Also we felt really wonderful when we saw comments with our video and we read them. It was really cool for us because we did not know about Youtube and that we can make a video and put it there for people to watch.

Nowadays we start to make a new New Digital Media Lab. This time we work with a very different computer. We make a blog and more videos. We now have Macbook computers that have the software iMovie and SD card ports, an iPad, and new video cameras that have very good quality. Also we now have tripods and microphones.

Especially, I want to make a new blog, because I never know it and never think that can make it before. I am really happy when I make a blog because I can show many people our lives and activities that we have studied, and we can put our videos here. And you can comment and tell us what you think.

Please leave a comment. And tell us where you are from! ~ by Sothy

Sothy is a graduate of Pouck High School in Siem Reap Province and a Tchey School alumni. He is currently a student at Pannasas Tra University. He is also an assistant English teacher and XO computer teacher at Tchey School. He continues to study technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to Australia to see the opera house.