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Sherry, right, in the field on Opening Day with Hub, Administration Officer 

Sherry, Admin & HR Director

I have been with PLF since 2016. I first came to Cambodia as a volunteer in 2009 with another NGO in Siem Reap and then decided to stay and work for them in a permanent role. During that time I was also appointed as the Siem Reap Honorary Consul for the British Embassy, assisting visitors to town in whatever manner I was able to. 

I then moved to Canada for a year, but I had met Lori during my first stint in SR and she asked me to come back and take on PLF’s accounts and HR. I was very excited by the offer and relished the challenge. At that time Lori was doing it all and it was getting too big for one person. So I came on at what was a time of growth for PLF, as my role freed Lori up and enabled top directorship to focus on fundraising. 

And now PLF continues to grow even stronger and is moving forward in a very robust fashion. I love everything PLF stands for, we do a very good job and I love working with my admin team, who are fantastic and growing all the time, as is the wider PLF team. 

Sherry and her team of admin ninjas!

In the UK I worked as a CSI – and I definitely still use some skills from that role, for example forensic attention to detail is useful in our accounts! Especially with the different regulations and responsibilities of being registered in both Cambodia and the US.

One of my passions is chess, and so I got involved in PLF’s chess program. I did my first tournament a few months into the job and we played a very elite school based outside of Siem Reap – and destroyed them! That was astounding – I realized how good our students were!

I quite liked school. I think we are incredibly privileged in the West and we don’t realize it. School is just there and everyone goes. There is no question of whether you can go or not, unlike here, and as with a lot of things in the West, we take it for granted. 

In Cambodia, I find it frustrating how many obstacles there are to this basic right of education. Which is why I think the work we are doing is really important. It’s great to see some of the students coming through, and so inspiring that they take every opportunity that we give them and make the most of it. 

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