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Sophean – Bookkeeper

“I have been working for PLF since November 2021. When I first saw the job posting I was so interested to see that PLF worked to support education in Cambodia. I always wished to help with education so I decided to apply. In my previous job, I worked in a private company in accounts for 4 years.

When I came for the interview, some things that PLF ask me I didn’t know how to do. Because in my other job it was very different, it was a very small company where we only focus on the business. But I said “everything you asked me I don’t know how to do it but I believe everything we can learn and improve it”. After the interview I think they wouldn’t offer me the job. But I got it!

Now I learn a lot from my team, I understand about tax system and know how important that all transactions and expenses are entered carefully in accounts. This is the thing I enjoy most about my work, the ability to help PLF to know where our number is every each month, to be best use of budget.

Sophean joins the team on Opening Days with supplies distribution

I love that PLF vision focus on education. School life was the best thing for me even though when I first went to primary I cried a lot. But I was never absent, I still go to school every day. I was a good student but not a smart students. When I get to Grade 4 I still did not know how to write quickly, read fluently or understand the meaning of the word. My brother took care of me and taught me more at home every day and learn more and more so I can pass the exam and get to secondary school. And then I can understand why we need to study and what is my dream. That means education is never too late for us and it can change our life.

Sophean also assists with administration on food relief projects

I would like to say PLF is the one part that makes my dream success. Because I had a dream that I would love to work with an organization that can help children from the countryside have the opportunity to learn and find their dream. And here I am still learning too – a lot from teamwork for my job, and also have English lessons to improve my life-skill. When PLF offered me the job I was really thankful.”


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