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Chamroeun – Computer Teacher at SLC

“I am from Romchek village in Preah Vihear and I went to primary school there, and then I came to Srayang when it was the PLF dorm, long time before it changed to Learning Center. I completed here until Grade 9. At that time there was no high school in Srayang so I went to Kulen district. I stayed for G10 and 11 there but it was difficult so I had to go to Preah Vihear town to finish Grade 12. I moved around a lot. But I was determined to go to university. It was very difficult to go to Siem Reap, I lived with my uncle for the first year but then my uncle passed away so it was a difficult situation to live and study. I had to work all during uni to earn money enough to live. But I finally finished uni last year.

PLF was looking for a new IT teacher and they asked me to come back to work at Srayang. I am very happy to be back to PLF, and use what I learned at uni but also learn new things. My job include taking care of the lab and make sure all computers working ok, update the student rosters and of course help the students if they have any questions with the IT course. In my free time I use the computers to improve my own skills. I really like that I am still learning things.

I love helping the students from my village and I am really happy to help back to the community by teaching the younger generation. Especially computer skills which are really important that they will use every day. I am happy when I see now students can stay in Srayang and finish high school, much better that they don’t have to move around to finish school like I did.”

Chamroeun’s story is the reason the Dorm at Srayang was converted to the Learning Center. No one should have so many obstacles to completing high school. Now, Preah Vihear students can stay at home while completing their schooling.



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