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We are constantly upskilling our team, offering opportunities for professional and personal development. And in the true spirit of PLF, they in turn embrace sharing their knowledge with colleagues, so that as an organisation we are constantly growing and evolving, and better serving the students.

Recently, Sothy – Chey Field Director and English teacher extraordinaire – attended the CamTESOL conference in Phnom Penh, and here is his report:

“CamTESOL is an annual conference which takes place in Phnom Penh. Participants across the world join every year except during the COVID pandemic. The main purpose of the program is to share about different tactics and techniques to deal with common challenges in the classroom as well as new ideas and activities to run the class better to avoid boring classes. To me, it was a great opportunity to gain many benefits such as classroom challenges (mix ability, boring class, classroom management and more) new strategy for teaching (Vocab, speaking, and activities). More than that flexibility to run the class smoothly in the event of a large number of students by using different group work and classroom leader. Beside of learning from the conference, I can jump out of the box and see the outside, urban, and foreigners teaching style which some are really interested like project base, student research and presentation, motivated student, and learning to understand the baseline of student ability before assigning homework or project. Even though some might not apply to PLF classrooms yet, such as using online resources, but I feel interested about it, and one day we will make it happen.”

“Presentations, ideas, games, activities, and strategies will share out to our teachers when we do the next Teacher Exchange in May. I am not learning alone but I will share all of what I have learnt to our teachers and all my communities to experience new things.” 

We aim to hold two teacher exchanges each school year. Sothy lead the last exchange in September 2022, and always makes sure the sessions are fun and engaging. Bringing together all English teachers and librarians from our projects under one roof is a great chance to bond and build connections too. 

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