Staff at Opening Day 2022

In January we celebrated a full return to school after nearly two years of Covid closures. Our Dream Team rolled out their Opening Day roadshow, prepping and opening all our locations for enrolment, and welcoming students and staff back into classrooms that have been empty for far too long.

The scale of this mammoth effort is best told in the following stats and images!:

8 locations officially now OPEN

2856 students enrolled

2679 uniforms measured

2679 of stationery packs (pencil cases, pens etc)

35,676 notebooks distributed

238 backpacks given out

277 bikes fitted with basket & bell & PLF sticker for students who need replacement wheels

22 student & staff recognition certificates awarded

14 days on the road for our team

To say that this felt good is an understatement!

However, as the dust settles, our final enrolment figures reveal an accelerating tipping point in the ratio of primary to secondary students; and surges in requests for assistance from urban students. These figures underline the devastating effects of Covid upon dropout rates in the lower grades and Cambodia’s urban poor. They have their own story to be told and will be discussed in more detail in our next blog.

But for now, we want to celebrate and thank each one of our staff members for their unwavering hard work and good spirits.

And to our students as they embark on the new school year – we have missed your smiles and we are so happy to have you back in the classroom where you belong. We are here, walking by your side for the year ahead!

PLF student on Opening Day 2022

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