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Ravuth teaching Khmer literacy at Knar Learning Center 2020

As a primary school student, Ravuth would bike almost an hour each day from Romchek to Koh Ker to ensure he finished primary school as a PLF student for the possibility of continuing education through PLF’s Srayang Dorm. It’s partly due to the example of his dedication that we began working directly with Romchek, also ensuring their students a chance to continue past Grade 6.

Finishing Grade 6 at Koh Ker Primary school 2011

When Ravuth completed Grade 9 in 2014, our Scholars Dorm in Siem Reap was not yet fully realized, so Ravuth spent 2 years as a contract teacher at Romchek Primary School as well as PLF’s computer teacher at the Srayang Dorm. When the path to Siem Reap became a reality Ravuth jumped at the chance, his thirst for knowledge unending. He moved to our Boys Dorm where he finished high school in 2019 at the age of 24.

Ravuth with the IT team upgrading the labs at Chey 2018

Currently, Ravuth is finishing up his first year as an IT student in Siem Reap through PLF’s scholarship program. As a university student, Ravuth has also taken on a full-time job with PLF through which he can pursue his own passions as well as serve as a role model to students like him, who have fought through countless barriers to enter high school. Not only is Ravuth the Boys Dorm House Father, but he’s also taken a teaching position at KVLC.

 Ravuth begins his duty as HouseFather at the Siem Reap Boys dorm 2019

 Ravuth Grade 12

As we’re bringing students back to school after the Covid-19 closures, Ravuth has been teaching a remedial Khmer class for those who are most struggling to be ready for the new school year. Most Khmer-language resources for foundational learning are built for kindergarten students which can be patronizing to a Grade 6 student fighting with everything they have to learn and stay in school. So, Ravuth is putting his IT classes, design interest, and passion for education to work! He’s been busy piecing together resources from other schools and NGOs to create a new Khmer workbook that matches both the literacy and the development level of his students.

We are so thrilled that Ravuth continually chooses to pursue his journey with PLF and we’re proud to see what he’ll continue to accomplish in the future!!

Koh Ker, Romchek, Srayang and Siem Reap Boys Dorm are all projects of PLF Canada, executed by PLF Cambodia.

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