Sometimes you do things and they just WORK.

Over the last 6 months that schools have been closed, we’ve been dropping food parcels to more than 700 students every three weeks. The drops happen at our most rural schools where children suffer from an unacceptable level of food insecurity; in fact, their schools run 12 months a year just so they can get a regular and nutritious meal. Every day. Without this support, the children have too much physical and emotional distress to focus on their classwork.

Without this big meal at school, we knew what we would face when school did begin again. We’ve been down that road before. So the food drops began immediately and stayed consistent since March.

Important protein sources were included in the parcels: We delivered more than..

Numbers Food Drop Clip

Details also mattered: parcels were bundled in biodegradable bags, avoiding 20,000 plastic bags from being strewn across the countryside.

Non Contact food Packs

We were very satisfied indeed when we met the students back at school on September 15th. Away from the structure of school and left to their own devices in the village, they were pretty dirty and a bit rowdy but they were all healthy.  They are the same as before, really, and that’s a miracle.

We delivered 10,866 parcels during this time. Less than .6% of them were not picked up. The children came dutifully to pick up this food; a big tell on how important it was.

Hygiene boy KVLC food drop
students social distancing

A major crisis was averted. Had we not done this, we’d have over 700 sick children re-entering school. Thank you for not making them (or us) face that.

We are grateful for the kindness of every one of you who pitched in, pulling together over $60,000 for this herculean effort.

We especially want to lay down at the feet of Eyes-Open who acted decisively and funded the lion’s share. Maybe two lions. Claudia and her team know how to get things done and knowing this effort would stay funded enabled us to stay focused on logistics and pay attention to the children.

This was a big job that pulled off perfectly. Thank you. We mean it.

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