The forest is the location for small trees and all kinds of animals where they live together. It is the natural resource of design to do everything. We should take care of all these resources, which we already have because it is very important for young generation and for our country future also.

The forest is the nature, so we should not cut or destroy the nature to make our own benefit or other thing that is not related to developing the community.  And these resources can make the rain come regularly; wildlife can protect the land from the water and can attract tourism, can protect the quality of nature, and it can support the wood industry also.

Student Blog Protecting Wildlife 2

We saw that the structure of the forest is made up of the small trees and animals or other things. These things have life, and they create communication to each other.  Nature and people are the pieces of the environment in the world. Wildlife is a natural resource also because it can attract tourists to come to visit our country. Even though, wildlife is the resource, which make the forest have beautiful scenery. We should not kill or shoot them because it will break the law and it is our valued property in our country. In the present we have left wildlife like deer, wild geese, gibbons, monkeys, antelope, wild boars, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, bears,  python, and other types of birds.

Before there are lots of wildlife, but it is lost because of the war, and human kill for food and sell at the market. This is the reason which make them lost from us. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Fishing should make it their duty to protect these resources.
For all our human, we should take care of the resources which we already have for young generation to see or to know what we have in our country.

Written by: Bak