Among the region of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is one of the  countries that is most vulnerable to climate change. Countries are affected by  climate change because people do not understand the benefit of nature: land,   forests, water resources, and fisheries, for example.

As a result, they don’t understand the human impact related to industrialization, deforestation and climate change. Cambodia is a developing country with limited ability to respond to variation in   climate and weak infrastructure, so rural people,    especially women and other vulnerable groups will struggle to address   the impact of weather fluctuations.

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Climate change is more serious because the people burying or burning trash causes the    smoke to go up and it is poisonous when toxins above the rain fall. Also when people      don’t filter water for drinking or bathing, it causes poor health or damage the skin. These changes in the climate of     the earth have increased the earth’s heat.     Deforestation is causing climate change because it makes the ground cracked and ground water dry.     Moreover, climate change is increasing from year to year  to sectors related to    weather such as agriculture, water resources, land, forests and fisheries etc.

The changing weather on Earth suggests that rapid   climate change is happening around the world and it is called climate change. It affects     our harmony with nature. That is why the government must have a policy and strategy,    how to ensure the socio-economic development and sustainable development in the context of     climate change and to create a program to address these issues.

Written by: Noy