By: Sayrge Braccio

In June, Sayrge spent the day with a group of Grade 6 students from Knar School as a part of our Help for a Day Crafts Excursion Program. Here are his thoughts about his time spent in Siem Reap volunteering with PLF!


Sayrge and Srey Mort trying their hand at pottery – a “first” for both!


  1. The world is incredibly large and diverse, but we are all part of one human race and everyone deserves a quality education regardless of socioeconomic status.
  2. The people of Cambodia are INCREDIBLE – never ceasing to amaze with their hospitality and attitude despite difficult conditions.
  3. Don’t take anything for granted in life, every day is a blessing that should be celebrated.
  4. A little generosity goes a long way.
  5. Khmer food is delicious.
  6. You can make a difference, no matter how small your contribution.
  7. Volunteering can be fun!
  8. There is so much more to Cambodia than just Siem Reap.
  9. The most rewarding experiences occur when you leave your comfort zone.
  10. The Ponheary Ly Foundation is changing the world, one child at a time, and I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of it.