By Jacqui Rawson

In uniting two organizations desire to keep kids healthy, PLF has recently partnered up with the Eco-Soap Bank.

WP_20150923_001Eco-Soap Bank  was established in 2014, and their mission involves using left-over soap supplies from the tourist industry and recycling them for use by schools in disadvantaged communities.

Free to humanitarian organizations, Eco-Soap Bank supplies PLF with 30 litres of the sanitized and recycled liquid soap every month, which we have rolled out to all of the schools and dormitories we support.

Their desire, along with PLF’s, is to avoid students contracting preventable diseases.  The first step is provision of the economical soap and also hygiene training – providing the students with answers to their why and how questions.

Having access to free soap has freed up resources for PLF to expand health programs; hand washing training, and education workshops on hygiene, all being supported by school nurses, volunteers and PLF staff.

We’re glad to be witnessing the positive outcomes resulting from these health programs and are thankful that Eco-Soap Bank have introduced this great initiative that has helped us tremendously in our efforts to bring personal hygiene to over 2,500 students.