By Jacqui Rawson

There is a Science and Engineering Club of 17 students at Hun Sen Wat Svay High School that are using recycling as a way to further progress their education.

Science education is fairly basic in Cambodian public schools with no hands-on-training at all.  But this basic foundation was still enough to get two PLF’ sponsored students excited about science.  Enough so they’ve set up their own club — with the assistance of their science teacher — at school and have had 15 other students join them to further their education in their own time.

They take everyday items that people have discarded and bring them back to life.  Things that would have otherwise been destined for the scrapheap are now being pulled apart, adapted and reconstructed as science and engineering experiments.

They use old camera lenses to make microscopes, scrap electronics to make radios, telephones, hotplates and much morePLF recently went out on social media sites in Siem Reap appealing for anyone with old/broken cameras, phones, radios, TV, computers, toasters, kettles, anything and everything-in-between to consider donating them to this innovative group of students so that they can continue their fantastic work.

Like most new projects there’s a need for some financial collateral.  In this case the students require funds to purchase some small tools and basic additional materials to assist them in their projects, so PLF has set up a small fundraiser for them. If you’re as excited about science as these students and would like to lend them a hand, we send many thanks on their behalf.