By Jacqui Rawson

Sothea started with us only two months ago but already the positive changes he has instigated at Koh Ker School are impressive!

Prior to coming to work with PLF Sothea worked for 15 years with CMAC, a mine clearance organisation.  Whilst there he worked his way up the ranks, firstly becoming a Field Medic and then moving into a Medical Officer role.


Before that Sothea was in the military where he received training for and served as a Medic.

Sothea’s jurisdiction covers all of PLF’s projects in the Preah Vihear Province which include Koh Ker and Romcheck Primary schools and the Srayang dormitory. Sothea makes the 2 hour trip northwest from Siem Reap to Koh Ker on a Monday, staying with the students in the dormitory and returning to his family on a Friday.

Well that is the theory. Sothea is so committed to doing as much as he can to improve things across the PLF projects that quite often he’ll work beyond the Monday to Friday work schedule.  He recognizes what work has been left un-done previously and is dedicated to bringing everything up to speed along with also undertaking new ideas for positive change.

 Sothea led activities around Srayang dormitory; new clothesline, new vinyl and cleaning of the solar batteries

A summation of his responsibilities includes overseeing the students’ health and well being with things like hygiene habits and ensuring the clean drinking water system is maintained. He also oversees the maintenance of the school’s and dormitory’s appearance and environment, encouraging enhancements and with that, pride.  He’s the liaison between the teachers with the Ministry of Education and is also PLF’s liaison for volunteers and supporters that make the trip up to Koh Ker.

Sothea gained his great English skills from attending the ACE (Australian Center for English) in Siem Reap and utilises those skills by providing daily English lessons to the students living at the dorm.  He also engineers movie and games nights for them, provides support to the house mother and to Ravuth and Phannak with their Computer lab enterprise when and if they need it.

PLF is very pleased to have Sothea join the team!!