By Lynea

Nature such as plants and flowers are varied and usually always smell beautiful .  The pink Lotus flower plants grow out of the smelly brown mud and water, but they grow beautifully pink and smell beautiful.

The natural Lotus flower is beautiful, and people have many different ideas for designing the flower to make it more beautiful to sell.

To make each design you don’t need many materials it is easy to make different designs. It is not expensive to get the needed materials.

At first the bouquet of the flower is all green, then they start to remove the green colour and then they start to fold down the petals along one side.  Then they start to fold the other side.  They keep bending the petals this way until it is all the pink layer, or sometimes only half.

When the bouquet is finished they have to make sure the design fits well in the vase.

Finally in finishing, I recommend to you how this flower is designed because it can then be used as art which can be sold for profit which can then help feed a family too.