By Noeum

Nowadays, in our society we have a lot of people some are good and some are bad. At school we also have good students and bad students. But some of them are good students because they take care about their country, families, teachers, parents and old people.

In fact, some students are outstanding students and have good ideas, warmth and intelligent effort to learn and have respect for others, like; teachers, the elderly and people with disabilities. These students are the ones who respect the time to go to school regularly. Students should work diligently and these students are the ones who get a rank (A) every year. They are an outstanding student and an honor to the country.  They are the ones  who will encourage younger generations to follow and help students who are studying today.

Overall, a good student is a student who understands the interests of others, society and the nation as a whole. So, as a student, I will work hard to be a good student for the future!