By Jacqui Rawson

Support for PLF comes in many forms; volunteering, teaching, donations, supply of materials and, this support comes from many different countries around the world. There are a steadfast husband and wife team, Seng Hock Lee and his wife Bee Leh, quietly working away behind the scenes in Singapore. They have been providing funds to PLF since Bee Leh came to Siem Reap as part of a tour group and visited one of our schools through our Help for A Day program.

Mr Seng Hok Lee

They work tirelessly, leaving flyers at apartment buildings around Singapore asking for donations from residents to help out PLF’s students.  PLF is very thankful that there appears to be some pretty generous residents in these apartment blocks!

Mrs Bee Leh Lee

Seng Hock and Bee Leh run our only formal, registered and legal fundraiser in Singapore, so Singaporeans, beware of copycats, but if you see any of Seng Hock and Bee Leh’s fundraising flyers like the image below please feel safe in the knowledge that your donations are coming directly to support PLF and our students.

Please note there is only one contact number currently: 

Ph: 85117584 

They can get very busy so please be patient in trying to reach them.  It is better to send a text message which they will respond to in the evening’s.