By Jacqui Rawson

PLF students joined a group of over 700 students from around Siem Reap who took part in this junior, mini olympics-type event over the weekend.  Run for the second year in a row, it was another resounding success because once again, the students had an absolute ball!


Countries were chosen and represented by students from different schools at the games and for the PLF students, their choice was Canada.  They carried Canada’s “flag” around the Siem Reap provincial sports stadium in the Opening Ceremony and went on to gain certificates for their selected country in the various sporting events.  These events included the standard track and field, such as high jump and running races but also added to the mix was the more laughs and less competitiveness of wheelbarrow and egg and spoon races.


PLF students finished the day in great spirits.  Still energised, with new found friends and proudly showing off their certificates.  Lets hope the people at Globalteer make this an annual event!