By Jacqui Rawson
Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada recently hosted a community launch in Srayang of the new computer school, complete with inaugural speeches and cutting of the red ribbon. There was so much community anticipation of the event that the school’s first classes are fully booked and there is a waiting list of students eager to have a chance to become part of Srayang’s fledgling “computer geek” network.

Computer school opening - sign.

Especially for rural children, learning about technology opens up a whole new world of knowledge and with that knowledge, greater opportunities.  Some of which include a chance to obtain better-paid jobs and potentially business enterprises.

The managers and teachers of the new Technology Centre are Duon Phannak and Neak Ravuth, graduates of PLFC’s Srayang dormitory. Phannak and Ravuth studied technology in Srayang and Siem Reap.  This, coupled with their general abilities and drive for a better future, has enabled them to help make this Technology Centre happen.


PLF Canada has supported the Srayang dorm since it opened its doors.  In 2012, PLF Canada was there to support the reconstruction of an existing space at the dorm for the set-up of a computer lab and they installed 13 new computers into the lab (which is run with solar energy).   PLF Canada also supported the technology training for Phannak and Ravuth to get them ready to become teachers as well as managers at the new Technology Center.

Computer school opening - graduates

Ravuth and Phannak celebrate graduation with their Srayang Dormitory students

Since completing their own training and studies, Phannak and Ravuth have been teaching and sharing their knowledge with other eager students at Srayang dormitory.  They will continue to provide this training at the dorm but will now also train members of the community.  In this way, Phannak and Ravuth will earn an income and, over time, the Technology Center will become self-sufficient.

Computer classes of an hour long take place twice a day and have the capacity for 10 students at a time. The students will pay a small monthly class fee and will be provided with general computer knowledge, including; Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, virus protection software and media programs.   The course curriculum was designed by PLF Cambodia’s technical teacher Sotheara Ly who used her own inability to hear to create a hands-on model for computer training.

Soon-to-be students checking out what's on offer

Soon-to-be students checking out what’s on offer

The training is self-paced so the students can take as long as they need to complete each topic, or work as quickly as they want in order to pass their exams and receive their training certificate.  It is the hope that the certificate will help graduating students to a bright future.

 Educate children and they will create their own futures! School is the Answer!