By Chhean Saveth, PLF Media Teacher

For a long time, the children in Cambodia never knew “what is technology?” Especially the children in the countryside remote areas, they never played the toys or the remote control cars etc. All these things, I and other children never played before. But now at Tchey School we just had a new technology called “Lego Education” that the children in that area can come to play or join with the teacher who has training with a group of people came from National Instruments, which partners with LEGO to make the software for the LEGO WeDo and LEGO MINDSTORMS products.


Tchey students construct a Lego machine that is a robotic goal keeper for toy football. It’s operated by the computer.

After we trained with National Instruments, we want this project to stay here forever because we think this is a good idea for the children and young adults who can have the chance to study about the Lego education and build their brains. I know this is a new technology and difficult because I never played or touched it before. Me and also other teachers had been to study about the Lego Education project and knew how to teach to the students. However, the students have chance and want to show their brain or creativity to build something. This is the way that the children can do anything by using their brain to become mechanical engineers, electricity engineers, chemical engineers, civil and aerospace engineers, as they want to.  Before they can do it, they can learn how to connect, construct, contemplate and continue building better.


Tchey students enjoy using the Lego robot they created with this new program.

I hope that in Cambodia, development will happen more by the children who have very good ideas about new technology, and they can learn how to become a developed person and have a good job or can have a chance to travel all around the world, the same as western people.