By Channa

Our parents are the people who give us our life and are our first teachers.  When we were born we were  like a blank page of paper. Our parents are our first teachers who teach us to eat, to  walk and to speak. They are the people who always feed us until we grow up. They spend a very long time to make our bodies grow, they work hard for us to go to school and also to give us the things we need and want.

A Cambodian mother with her baby.

As we are children we are young and it is the time for us to try to study hard to make ourselves educated in the future. Our parents are the people who really care about us. When the children get sick our parents are so worried.    Any thing which can make their child get better they will try to find. Some of parents spend a lot of money for the children’s health. Some of the parents owe money because they want their children to have good health, education, food… (sometimes parent say “I am not so hungry, I don’t like it” … because they want their children feeling happy and to enjoy the good food) . If we say we need something and they don’t have the money it will be in a note in their brain to find it for us some time soon.

As I know all these things, I want to say to all the children in the world please try to do something to make your parents feel happy. Try to study and be a good student in class, go to class and don’t go to school just because you don’t want to do some work at home or because don’t have choice.

Be a good person in the community and don’t try to be a gang boy or girl who goes to school or who is not in the class but gambling.

 Our parents work hard for us and what they want to see is that we are successful. If they see we are okay we know they will die  proud of us and with a smile.

Channa Soun