By Reasey

Year by year many people are killed by traffic accidents on the roads in Cambodia. Traffic accidents are the most common types of accidents in Cambodia. They have made us so scared that we wonder why they don’t try to reduce traffic accidents.

Car stop

Car stop

It isn’t difficult to reduce them but if the people respected the traffic laws and respected their own life, although they can’t be stopped, they can be reduced. Causes of traffic accidents are speeding, lack of respect for traffic laws and drunk driving.

Speeding: drivers go at very fast speeds more than the speeds the governments allow. If they drove at the speeds the government permits, then there would be less traffic accidents than before.

Lack of respect for traffic laws: majority of drivers are good at respecting the traffic laws because they had to study them and know how to drive a vehicle on busy and quiet roads. They also had known the traffic signs.

However, nowadays some of the younger generations under 18 years old, even though they are not allowed to legally drive, still do.

Drawing of accident

Drawing of accident

They learn how to drive a bit from their parents so they don’t know all the signs of traffic or the laws. Actually they are very careless when they drive, especially to the point where they always have earphones in when. Sometimes the police call them to stop and check for the driver’s license and if they don’t have it the police will fine them money. Drink driving: People are very careless with this.

When they have a party and meet some friends they always drink beers. It isn’t safe for them – why? Because they drink until they are drunk and 80% will have traffic accidents.

The important point why I want to write about this is because I want all people to stop killing by traffic accidents. Everyone please, if you love your family and the people around you, you must respect the traffic laws from now. If your don’t want to lose someone, let’s respect each other and tell to other people to respect the traffic laws as you do.

The younger generation is so important for the world because in the future the world’s going to develop because of them. Please from now on, everyone start to respect our traffic laws and teach the people in our society who are poor and have no education to do the same. Do it if you can! I hope all of you can do it very well and in return I hope you get good things also.

Reasey is 17 years old and studies in grade 10. For the past year she has taken Media classes sponsored by the Ponheary Ly Foundation. She is a filmmaker and blogger who tells her audiences about life in Cambodia. Her most recent documentary Sunflowers of Srayang premiered at the Angkor Wat Film Festival and screened in major US cities. In her future she wants to be a teacher in Khmer.