By Sothy

On 11 June 2013, the volunteers came to teach the science in my English class. These are good opportunities for my students, who were able to learn and get more knowledge with the scientists. It was useful for them to learn and find out about this project.

Students make bubbles.

Moreover, they enjoyed this program very much, and all of students were interested in science. The students were very curious and asked many questions while they were studying.

The students have learned some information that they have never seen before. Most of them were feeling bored when they just started in the science class. But after that, they felt so proud when they have learned for several days. Even though it was not so long time in the science class, but it was very useful for their knowledge. They did some research and tested on the microscope. It was one of the best chances to learn about the microscope. They were excited that they could see the small things that they cannot see with the eyes, but they could see it in the microscope. They said that is the very wonderful thing for them. For me, I knew the microscope when I studied in grade eleven. I was really happy that they could learn with the microscope. More and more they learned about the animals, life, countries, the whole world, continents, and the ocean. Students were able to answer to the scientist when they asked the questions. That is helpful and improved their general information.

 Students are learning science

More than that, the students used the high quality equipment when they did the experiments. They brought their own objects to look at in the microscope. They are smart enough to have used the microscope for the first time. Not only did the students learn, but I also joined in this program as well. Since I only know a little bit about science, so it was ridiculous I have learned more in this class. It also shows how the students and teachers learn together. Sometimes I had questions and asked the scientist, and the students can react my wondering clearly. I hope that it will be more science in our English class. It was useful for the students and me.

Sothy is a graduate of Pouck High School in Siem Reap Province and a Tchey School alumni. He is currently a student at Pannasas Tra University and teaches English to 5th and 6th students at Tchey School. He continues to study technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to Australia to see the opera house.