By Travis Thompson

Twenty students who’ve spent months studying in Ponheary Ly Foundation’s urban computer lab in Siem Reap graduated Sunday.

Three students who completed Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Pictured with Sotheara and Ponheary Ly.

For many of the students, the coursework involved mastering Microsoft Word.  Others completed several courses more including Microsoft Excel and Power Point.  The courses are taught by Ponheary’s sister, Sotheara Ly who created the Khmer textbook for all the classes.  The classes are student-paced allowing students to move through the lessons at a comfortable speed and learn in the way that fits them best.

With Microsoft Office skills, these students now have more options for future jobs and studies.

On a related note, PLF has implemented this curriculum at the new Srayang Dorm computer lab as well.  This week the organization had its first Srayang graduate too!