By Rakyut

Learning English is really important for people in Cambodia who want to communicate with people around the world. Nowadays, I learn English at the Future Bright International School, which is located in the middle of Siem Reap town. I start the English class from 5pm until 7:10 pm. It is 16 kilometers from my house, and I go with some of my friends from Chey School.

Photo Credit: Rath

The Ponheary Ly Foundation supports us to study over there and we really love to learn and get more knowledge from it.

It takes around an hour to arrive at school from the village. Even though studying English is important, some problems appear too. Our house is really far from the school. Sometimes we are tired, stressed, and hungry when we start the class. With this problem, it make the interruption for us like sometimes we cannot catch the lessons, or sometimes we do not know clearly when the teacher teaches us.


Another problem is that when the rainy season comes, it is difficult to go to school. Some days we cannot go to school, some days we get wet in the class. As the result we can not learn easily because we ride our bicycles to school in the rain. Also, some nights it is really hard for us when the bike is broken. We feel so sad with this problem because it makes us lose a lot of lessons.

I think that the solution is if we could have a school bus for taking us and other students, it will be more easy because we can attend the class on time, get the full lessons, and not have any more interruption of the transportation. By this way, it might provide more easily for our learning far away from the school.

His name is Rakyut. He is 16 years old. He lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He studies in grade 10. His favorite subjects are English and computer. When he has free time, he usually reads the English books and helps his mother to do some housework. His interests are listening to music, watching TV, and going to internet shop to search the information and English language. He is interested in English because it is an international language and when he knows about English, it is very easy way for him to find a good job. In the future he wants to be a qualified teacher of English. He hopes that his dream will come true.