By Travis Thompson

Ponheary and the PLF team hit the ground running this weekend—we’re down to the wire for opening day at schools across rural northwest Cambodia.

At Tchey School, PLF team members measured hundreds of students for uniforms, arranged for them to have their PLF bikes fixed or replaced, and updated our rosters.  We’ve only got one week left before we deliver supplies and help open schools for 2,500 students.

Click this quick video shot by Ponheary to see what things looked like in our flurry of preparations in the field.

More pictures from our opening day preparations:

PLF Field Director Rany Ly verifies which students will study in the PLF computer classes.

High School students anxiously await information about PLF scholarships.

PLF Field Director Rany Ly gives students information about bicycle repairs and replacements.

Students prepare to be measured for school uniforms.

Ponheary with the Tchey School Director

Students listen to Ponheary and the Tchey school director about what will happen on opening day.