Last night at 2am we received notification from Goodtube that Soy Sen and his team had won the Goodtube Spring Video Competition. Their submission, entitled “I Am One” describes the PLF technology program from the perspective of the student and goes on to explain why the media class needs the Goodtube grant; in order to make the program available to more students, buy equipment and fund a teacher. The grant, in the amount of $10,000 will arrive just in time to get the students working on some projects over the summer and be ready when school starts to integrate media into an already highly successful technology program at Tchey School.

To say that we are proud of these students is such a ridiculous understatement. The fact that they could prepare this grant application on their own, tell their own story, get their own funding and take the reins into their own hands about what they want and how to get it, makes us just stand back in awe and confirms what we always hoe is true: that “It’s working”.

More to report on this later, right now it’s time to go buy some equipment. 🙂

The winning team consists of Soy Sen, Meas Sam-Oun and Pech Sopha, all alumni of Tchey School. Here they are in action.

Camera man Sopha, arriving at Tchey after filming

Camera man Sam Oun, arriving at Tchey ready to roll

Team leader Soy Sen, shown here during filming of the Water Well Video