A valuable part of any student’s school experience is an old-fashioned field trip. Around here, there are plenty of amazing things for children to see and learn about, from the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat, to natural wonders such as Phnom Kulen, all the way down to being dumbstruck by sliding glass doors at the Lucky Mall. Our students are no different from any other anywhere in the world;  inquisitive by nature and always ready to get away from their desks for a day.

Students are always happy to see high tourist season come as it means we will have lots of visitors and that increases their chances of being taken out to see the temples or in the case of this particular group of students from Srayang, to go to the Cultural Village.

On Jan 22, long time friends of PLF Sylvie Ducarme and Philippe Dierickx from Belgium came to show the students from Srayang the Cultural Village.

From Ponheary: “They all stayed stuck in the place, because they’d never seen the shows like this before. They visited the wax museum where they learn a lot about their ancestor, history. They attended many shows (dances) that show different culture, different activities in different provinces in the whole country.”

The students report that the highlight of the day was the concept of an all-you-can-eat BUFFET~We apologize to the owners of the Cultural Village who are possibly about to file bankruptcy~!