We would like to thank Adam, a high school senior from Chicago, IL, for providing a week-long math clinic to 11 male and female students from Angkor High School.  All of the participants were alumni from our program at Wat Bo Primary school.

Adam congratulates the winners of the competition

Yon Heourn, a local student at Angkor High with innate leadership skills, organized the students to be involved in the clinic, while Adam created the curriculum.  Adam plans to study math at university and aspires to someday become a math teacher, so the clinic provided him as well as the students with valuable experience.

The students watch intently as Adam explains his lesson

Prior to traveling to Siem Reap, Adam gave a similar clinic to students in Phnom Penh, so by the time he arrived at the Seven Candles, he was already revising his curriculum and developing methods to work with students at different levels.  Like any successful volunteer program, Adam undoubtedly learned as much as his students did.

The clinic culminated on the last day with a math competition.  For 90 minutes, the students worked intently on 10 word problems.  At the end of the competition, the winner scored 9/10 and received a medal for his excellent performance.  The whole class celebrated their week of hard work with a pizza party, and the Kalinich family provided a calculator and other prizes to each participant.

This was Adam’s second time to Cambodia with his family.  Since their first trip to Siem Reap as tourists two years ago, they have been avid supporters of the PLF.  This time, they came as volunteers.  Read more about their contribution, including the lunch at Koh Ker Primary School.

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By Elizabeth Palumbo