Siem Reap Scholars Dorm

We have two urban dormitories for high school students located just outside the center of Siem Reap city; one for boys and one for girls. Students from rural areas (where we work in primary schools) can, when they reach grade 11, apply for the Scholarship Dorms in Siem Reap. They must be academic achievers and more importantly, have clear goals for the future; a future that requires University education. While they may be one of the 6% or students living in remote areas who can finish high school, University would be completely out of reach.

The Dorms provide that reach, that amazing miracle of a way to College. 

High Schools in remote areas cannot typically produce high school graduates that are adequately prepared for College. Older students, especially poorer ones,  miss a disproportionate amount of school because of the pressures of field work. Remote areas can’t attract the best teachers. Students transferring out of those areas to Siem Reap have a mountain to climb from the day they walk in the door. 

With access to a more robust educational experience, plenty of food and a safe place to rest, they can (and do) focus on the work ahead. Top students from remote areas not only must prepare academically, but also in 100 other ways for the experience of college life in the nation’s bustling capital, away from family and everything they knew before.

Learn more about some of our Scholars Dorm graduates; we’re so proud of all of them!

Soron is about to finish his law degree in Phnom Penh and has spent the last year completing internships at various law firms. 

Channy, after the 2nd year of her BA in Khmer law, was chosen for an additional specialized international law degree for which she is still studying.


To learn more about our Scholars Dorm students and their stories, check out these videos:

Siem Reap Scholars’ Dorm is a project of PLF Canada, executed by PLF Cambodia.