Hygiene is very important for all of us, whether young or old, we all should clean the body and our food. 

Each one of us wants to be looking very healthy and do not want to have illness, but people should let personal hygiene, and food be the most important thing. Here are a few simple ways for us to stay healthy:

-Clothing: we have to clean it and dry under the sun, so when we get to wear it, it makes our body comfortable and clean.

-Water: we need to keep it clean it by using a water filter before drinking and we have to drink enough water.

-Food: we need to eat food everyday, but before we eat we need to wash our food by using clean water.

-Clean Hands: It is very important for everyone to understand the impact of clean hands before eating. We must wash with clean water and also soap on a regular basis.

-Cleaning body: to cleanse the body, we should use soap for cleaning our bodies, so it will not have any bad smells.

Therefore, humans must keep body clean and also clean environment around their own homes or other places to lead a happy life.