By Jacqui Rawson

The Ponheary Ly Foundation has three primary school libraries that are impressively well used by eager young readers.

However, favourite books wear out and there is always a need for new choices so PLF continues to replace as well as grow the selection of books in our libraries.

In support of the local economy and the greatest need of the students, PLF purchases Cambodian (Khmer) language books in-country. Because our students at primary school are only just beginning their English comprehension there is not a big need for English books, although we do have a small selection of, big-on-illustrations-light-on-script English books.

The great thing with Cambodian books is that costing between $1 to $4, it’s easy to provide a bigger and more diverse selection no matter the size of the donations.


In serving other purposes the libraries also get used by students in their breaks or after school to play board games or do some teacher led arts and crafts activities. Check out our Wishlist for ideas on how to support these activities. 

First activities in the new Koh Ker library

So if you’re keen to share your festive season cheer in Cambodia, you’ll make some book-worms, budding artists and board-game champions very happy!

Thank you for your support.

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