By Jacqui Rawson

Eyes Open our PLF partners in Switzerland are doing amazing things in both countries for student support and education.


First PLF provided lunch at Romchek Primary

They ensure our students at various schools and dormitories have hearty breakfasts (every morning) along with regular lunches and additional snacks each month. And also provide much needed bicycles that allow the students to travel the sometimes big distances between primary and high schools enabling them to continue their education.


Skype Date

This trip Claudia, the founder of Eyes Open, as well as providing the first-ever PLF lunch at Romchek School, arranged a Skype date between students from Tchey Primary School and students from a small school in a country town in Switzerland.  The interaction between students across thousands of miles, from very different cultures, backgrounds and with different languages was amazing to see in action.  They are so enthusiastic to share a portrayal of their lives and the differences between,  to ask questions, take each other on tours of their schools and to sing songs.

The same students from Switzerland have made one thousand crafts and ornaments specifically to sell and fundraise for PLF.


Thank you so much Eyes Open!